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2012 North Central ILLINOIS CAR CRUISE LIST, visitor #Free Countersthis year!
200+ Cruise Nights in North Central Illinois
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At a Car Cruise you actually drive, Cruise-In means you sit, a Car Show has many trophies.
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red C= "confirmed", blue N= "New or changed", black X= "cancelled', DP= "Dash Plaques"

APRIL 2012  Any Day Can Be An Adventure! 9 successful events in April 2012
MAY 2012     Practice Random Acts of Travel. 36 successful events in May 2012
JUNE 2012    The journey is the destination! 44 successful events in June 2012
JULY 2012      Have a Car Cruise Experience! 48 successful events in July 2012
AUGUST 2012    We Are All Born Curious! 55 successful events in August 2012

SEPTEMBER 2012   Life is a Road Trip! 28 successful events in September 2012
OCTOBER 2012    Come On, Let's Go! 12 successful events in October 2012

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