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May*30, 2011 Monday: Saint Charles, Goody's Memorial Day Car Show,"pre-1983",link,DP,9-3,$20

C May 28 Monday: Milledgeville, Street Rod Reunion, Fairgrounds, link, DJ music,DP,8-3 $14

July 21 Saturday: Kewanee, car show,Windmont Park,8am, $13

C July 22 Sunday: Dixon, Riverfront Classics, Annual Cruise-In ,downtown,8am, $?

July 30, 2011 Saturday: Norway, Cruise-In night, Fire Dept sponsored, 5 to 8pm, 75DPs $5 (voted worst run cruise of 2010)

C September 21-23 Weekend: Springfield, Route 66 Festival event, downtown, link, DP,$?

September 1 Sunday: Kewanee, Hog Days Car show, Downtown,8am, $13

C May 6 Sunday: LaSalle, JC Whitney FREE Car Show, cruise there, leave at will,DP,9a-4,Free
C May*12 Saturday: Sublette, Village Cruise-In day,4-7pm, Route 52-downtown, Free
C May 19 Saturday: Earlville, Cruise Night, go to map, go to info, 150DPs, 5:30 to 8:30, $3
C May 19 Sat: Princeton, Old Wheels Cruise-In,1st Lutheran Ch,FarnhamSt,pre-1986,10-3,Free
C May*25 Friday: Spring Valley, Stampede Cruise-In, Subway, link, DJ music,DP,6-9 Free
N May 26 Saturday: Lacon, Cruise-In Show, Johnson Grove Pk, 6 trophies, 100DPs, 9am-4 ,$FREE
C June 9 Saturday: Peru, Cruise-In, Centennial Park, 4 - 8 pm, $5
C June*15 Friday: Ottawa, Cruise-In Night, downtown on LaSalle Street, link,6-10pm, 300DPs,$5
N June 16 Saturday: Mendota, Cruise-In Night, info, County Fairgrounds, Paul Ramer, 4-8, DJ, $?
C June*22 Friday: Oglesby, Stampede Cruise-In, Moore's Root Beer, link, DJ music,DP,6-9 Free
N June 23 Saturday: Oglesby, Oswego Cruise-In Night, downtown, DP DJ music, 3 to 8 $5
C July 4 Wednesday: Hennepin, Town Cruise-In day, 10am to 4, Bassi Park, DJ music, DP, $5
? July 8 Sunday: Henry, event!  Burn-out Contest, info, fairgrounds, 2-4, $3 watch, $10 enter
C July*20 Friday: Peru, Stampede Cruise-In, Subway, link, DJ music,DP,6-9 Free
C July 21 Saturday: Princeton, Piehl Chevrolet, Cruise-In, North Main St,door prizes+,9am-3,Free
C July 21 Saturday: Marseilles, Firefighters cruise-In, downtown, HUGE 50/50, 4-8:30, $?
C August 3 Friday: Granville, American Legion Cruise-In, info, 100DPs, 5-8pm,$5
C August 4 Saturday: Oglesby, Breast Cancer Cruise-In,Moore's Root Beer,DJ music,50DPs,4-8$10
C August 11 Saturday: Spring Valley Super Cruise event info cars, bands+Sock Hop,DP,2-6,$5

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Don't thank me; I'm doing this for your own good.